Adoption Philosophy

Filipino mother and child

HopeFull Connections Adoption Services, a ministry of The Sacred Portion Children's Outreach, holds the basic tenet that, whenever possible, children should remain with their birth family and country of origin. For those children who are unable to live with their birthparents and for whom an adoption plan is made, every effort is made to find an appropriate family member or adoptive family of the same race or culture in order for the child and family to share a mutual connectedness and heritage and for the child to establish a common sense of identity.

When an optimal placement cannot be achieved, placement with a family of another nationality, race and/or culture provides a stable and permanent plan which otherwise may not be attainable. It is important that such a family be accepting of and committed to preserving their child's heritage by providing active experiences educationally and socially to assist their child to acculturate and integrate his or her birth heritage with that of his or her heritage through adoption. The adoptive family also needs to give much consideration to the increased issues involved in raising a child with a different cultural, racial and/or ethnic background from their own.

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