Waiting Children

Waiting children are available for many reasons – typically it is due to their older age (not a baby or toddler), a special health or emotional need, or simply they are as yet unmatched to a family.  Our purpose in providing you with photos and information of waiting children for adoption is to raise awareness of these children in hope of locating a family for them as soon as possible.  It is one of our primary means of advocacy. 

Information on waiting children is of a sensitive nature, and foreign (sending) countries have different requirements regarding what they allow.  Some countries do not allow any information or photos of children to be put on the internet.  Other countries allow photo listings but may have specific requirements regarding password protection, type or amount of information shared, etc.  All of this is to protect the children and their privacy, and HopeFull Connections respects and adheres to each country's requirements.  You will find only basic information on each child in our photo listing.  If you would like more information about a child or our adoption programs, you can call us at (406) 586-5773 or email info@sacredportion.org

It is important to understand that HopeFull Connectio does not "hold" profiles of children exclusively for clients of this agency.  Per Hague requirements, it is not in the child's best interest to be exclusively held by one agency when another agency may have a paper-ready, approved family best suited for a child.  The children featured on our website are thus available to any agency licensed and approved as an Adoption Service Provider in the sending country. 

In order to gain access to our waiting child photo listing, we require you to register your name and contact information and to agree to the Confidentiality Statement below.  You will then be emailed a password that will allow you to view the Waiting Children.  This password resets quarterly, and you may be required to resubmit your information.  Submitting this statement of confidentiality does not indicate that your family meets all of the eligibility requirements to adopt.  Please review specific country requirements. 

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