Who We Are

As a Christian ministry serving Christian families, HopeFull Connections Adoption Services desires that families know and understand the foundation that this ministry is built upon.  Hopefull Connections is committed to following God's design for adoption by placing children into families that abide by biblically mandated relationships (heterosexual marriage or nonhomosexual single parenthood). The ministry seeks families that have a firm commitment to live according to God's Word and to teach their children who Jesus is so that they, too, can come to know Him as their savior.
We at Hopefull Connections want you to consider carefully if we are the right agency for your family, taking into account our values as a Christian ministry.  We recognize there are many wonderful adoption agencies, with different requirements that may better meet your needs as you expand your family.  We believe it is our responsibility as an agency to understand each applicant's Christian faith, and consider it crucial to our fulfillment of the very foundation of our ministry to evaluate if we are the right agency for you as well.
In an effort to help us understand your beliefs and practices, we ask that you read our Charter of Faith carefully and determine if you both are in complete agreement. This form will need to be signed and dated by both adoptive parents and returned with your initial application.  In addition, as part of the application process, you will each be asked to complete the Christian Experience Questionnaire completely, describing your beliefs and practices. 

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